Heart Baby Rattle / Keepsake

Michael Aram

W/ Velvet Case, 2.25"W x 5"L, Case 3.25"W x 5.25"L x 1.75"H
Stainless Steel

Michael Aram's Baby Heirloom Collection encapsulates everything that a new life brings about- love, happiness, purity. Inspired by traditional fairytales passed from generation to generation, this collection is a nostalgic reminder of the innocence of childhood. Taking us back to a time when the imagined was real, when a tortoise chased a hare to the finish line and miss muffet was scared away by a spider, this collection celebrates fantasy, fable, and whimsicality.

"There is something so dear and pure about a new life entering the world. When we are born we are clean slated and through our childhood, we are creatures of innocence and imagination. As children, our minds are limitless, full of whim and endless fantasy. To me, this collection is a celebratory reminder of youthÉand reminder of the joyful exuberance of children"

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